The Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre supports youth 13 – 18 years of age who are experiencing combined mental health and problematic substance use concerns.

Mental illness and substance misuse affects every aspect of an individual’s life, creating particular challenges for young people who are struggling to finish school, develop a career and find their place in the community. Youth have unique needs that are not well served in traditional adult or paediatric mental health inpatient settings, so the Carlile Centre serves as a “hub” for clinical expertise, accepting referrals from across VCH and filling a gap in the current continuum of care for youth. This expertise, combined with a warm, homelike environment will ensure youth with concurrent disorders benefit from leading-edge, best practice mental health and substance use treatment.

They focus on helping youth as they manage their substance use and mental health concerns by providing:

– A Multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of psychiatrists, a psychologist, occupational therapist, nurses, youth care counsellors, social workers, concurrent disorders therapist and teacher
– Diagnostic clarification and medication management
– Individualized treatment plans incorporating the youth’s needs and goals
– Medically managed detox
– A safe and welcoming environment and culturally competent care
– Ways to build coping skills
– Opportunities to create positive connections and skills through a range of therapeutic approaches
– Connection with support systems (families, friends, community etc.)
– Discharge planning to provide sustainable support for youth



13 - 18 yrs