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3365 Mahon Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

The Eslha7an Youth program is open to First Nations students aged 14 to 19. Up to 20 students are enrolled in individualized programs that include the core academic subjects of English, Math, Social Studies and Science at grades 9–12, as well as an elective of Cultural Art, a program developed in partnership with the Squamish Nation. Students learn the Squamish language, history and cultural traditions, and participate in traditional handcrafts in the classroom, in a longhouse program and through outdoor activities. Guest speakers and local field trips focus on healthy lifestyles and community involvement.

Many students also work on the ArrowMight learning system, a remedial English and Math program based on Canadian and First Nations history and geography.

Students work towards the 80 credit Dogwood graduation program or the Adult Dogwood Certificate. Additional course credits can be earned through Distributed Learning, with the Youth Teacher providing help as needed.


  • Monday to Friday
    9am - 3pm


14 - 19 yrs