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3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver, BC

The Parkgate SK8 Park is unique with a combination of bowl and street elements. The skate park was officially opened in the fall of 2000, and attracts hundreds of youth year round! Participants need to provide their own skateboard, helmet, knee and elbow pads. Helmets are mandatory and it is highly recommended that skaters wear other safety equipment.

■ Approximately 5,500 square feet
■ Concrete finish
■ Coping, street-style elements around the perimeter
■ Lighting and benches
■ Adjacent to outdoor sports court and indoor Youth Centre
■ Freestyle area with mini 1/4
■ Big 45 degree wedge bank
■ Pyramid with flat bar
■ Seven-foot deep keyhole joined at one side with a spines to four and a half mini half with capsule end
■ Joined on one side with hip to six-foot mini half with capsule end
■ Continuous metal coping throughout


  • Monday to Thursday, and Sunday
    9am - 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday
    9am - 11pm


10 - 24 yrs