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1000 - 355 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC

Family Smart’s mandate is to support and empower families and work collaboratively with professionals and systems in understanding and meeting the mental health needs of families.

Family Smart….
◦promotes child and youth mental health
◦provides families with information and skills on how to manage their child’s worries and anxiety
◦shares information on what services or supports are available for families in child & youth
◦mental health
◦provides information to professionals on topics related to child and youth mental health from a parent’s perspective
◦partners with others in creating information and resources that promote awareness and collaboration in child and youth mental health
◦provides information to families that will enable them to know, and seek out, who does what and where to look for services and resources
◦shares our own experiences and knowledge with others to exchange strengths and knowledge
◦promotes prevention, early identification, and appropriate interventions.


  • Monday to Friday
    9:30am - 5pm